Peter Alfonso
To sum it up, I'm just a kid young adult who loves technology, music, and cars; combining these interest led me to create this website and it's content. This site will primarily be a channel of communication for me to share my findings and experiences as I learn more about Android and continue in my studies at the UCF. I am currently a student with dreams to become an Android developer (as a career not a hobby). I won't stop 'till my dreams come true so be sure to subscribe via RSS.

I can be contacted via Twitter or Google+. If you are wanting support related to Android, please visit my forum section on DroidForums before asking me directly for help. I would love to help each person that emails me but unfortunately that is not possible due to the large amount of emails I receive on a daily basis. The forum section will provide most, if not all of the answers you may be seeking.

File Search
I created this search to make finding downloadable files easier for everyone. The idea started about two years ago when I was notified that the use of peer to peer file sharing programs is not permitted at most college campuses. With self taught coding and many hours of trial and error, over 50 file hosting websites can be searched simultaneously, providing links to download all types of files for free. The search also gives users the ability to choose which site to search.